The World of Online Personal Training

May 6, 2015

 by Coach Krys

All over the World, the concept of Online Training is quickly gaining popularity.  Online Training is very much the same as training in person, you receive a program customized specifically for you and work towards your goals with professional guidance.  The one important difference however, is that your trainer is not standing next to you!

Although Online Personal Training can be an invaluable and time-efficient way to train for some, others may miss the face to face communication.  There are some major pros and cons to online training which I will outline and leave you to figure out which method is right for you.

The Positives:
1. Access to Expert Advice:  Many fitness professionals offer online training which allows the consumer to shop around and get expert advice from anywhere in the World, rather than just sticking with the few personal trainers within their home gym.  There are clients in the US who receive health and fitness support from fitness trainers in the UK.  There are clients in Australia who are following fitness direction from sought after trainers in Canada.  

2. Less Expensive:  Personal 1:1 training can become quite expensive, especially if you are seeking a session 2-3 times per week.  As personal trainers become reputable, they quite often become booked and inevitably, their cost per session will increase.  Quite often, you may receive online training at a fraction of the cost.  

3.  Freedom of Location and Time:  When you receive your personal program to your device, you can use it anytime, anywhere.  This is amazing for those who often travel or work unconventional hours.  Freedom from gym hours for these types of individuals is key.

4. Ongoing Support:  Many online trainers provide a comprehensive fitness and nutrition plans that are built into their initial upfront cost.  Online personal trainers often provide ongoing access, including weekly updates through email or text.  Although personal trainers within the gym will write you a comprehensive fitness plan, you will have to opportunity to ask questions during your scheduled time with them.  They may provide additional services, such as meal plans and extra support, however, this may come with an extra cost.  

The Negatives:
1. No one to spot you:  With online training, you will not have a trainer beside you to spot you or ensure proper technique.  This could lead to possibly injury or drastically reduce the efficiency of your workout.  This however, is easily compensated through the use of online videos or live dramatization with your online trainer.

2. Motivation:  Lack of follow through is detrimental, regardless of how amazing your training program is.  Some people need the external motivation to meet with someone to get into the gym and through their workout.  Online training is beneficial for those who have found their internal motivation and are prepared to follow through with a plan.

Final Judgement:
Online Training works, there are results all over the internet of people who have completed online challenges and have completed huge transformations without ever sitting face to face with their personal trainer!  Overall. online personal training is recommended for those who have internalized motivation and are seasoned within the gym.